30 agosto 2006


(Del lat. macarrónico tichi michi, alterac. vulg. de tibi, michi, [lat. mihi], para ti, para mí).


08 agosto 2006


locura rima con ternura.


03 agosto 2006

carta desde Líbano

mi amigo Uge me reenvía esta carta dirigida a un colega suyo del CSIC:

This is a letter I’ve just received from a Lebanese friend in Beirut. I think it's better not to add anything to it:

21 Jul 2006

Dear Jose Angel,

Thank you so much for your support. We are doing so far so good. Suzy is fine. Nadine is in Cambridge. The museum was closed and objects were all removed from showcases to safer places underground. It is the end of a prosperous era for the whole country. Our prime minister has declared Lebanon a sinitrated country. It's an understatement. I lived 17 years of war in Lebanon. Never ever I have seen something so cruel and so violent. Even during previous Israeli attacks on Lebanon, they were never so cruel. It is like living in hell. No where is safe. All is burning up. They throw 20 tonnes of bombs every attack. They did as far as 1500 attacks over Lebanon so far. You do the calculation.

The Israeli government left voice messages on many mobiles. I received one saying that if anything happens to the 2 kidnapped soldiers (not our mistake I repeat) they will exterminate the whole Lebanese population. I can tell you that they already started. Psychological terrorism!!!! And the world is watching and doing nothing about it. We now consider that this silence (specially from the UN Security Council, responsible for our safety) is part of the crime against us. Streets, buildings, bridges, milk factories, factories, highways... have turned into dust. Whole regions once prosperous now look like crumbled deserts... The Lebanese once thought we were special and people around the world cared about us. We now discovered we are so cheap and our lives mean nothing. We're mosquitoes being exterminated.

My husband is planning our evacuation to Jordan in the next two days. I don't want to leave but it is becoming essential since I am 8 months pregnant. Roads are dangerous to get out of Lebanon. But we pray to God we will succeed. It will be very difficult. I will let you know. In the mean time, pray real hard for us.

Thanks again for being a great friend.



02 agosto 2006

a mi pesar, Ale

"Nuestras revoluciones son puramente verbales y cambiamos las palabras para tener la ilusión de que cambiamos las cosas."

Albert Caraco

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