20 febrero 2006

In a vaporeta

Sing me the kind of song
You hear in an operetta*
Sing me the words I long
To hear out of Violetta
In an operetta*
She will fast be outcast
From her castle, with nary a friend
But, since she's a princess,
There's hints of a prince
In the end
She'll enjoy some employ as a boy
With her name changed to Pip
Soon, by gum, she'll become
The brave captain of some
Pirate ship
Singing a thing fit for a king
In an operetta*
In an operetta*
It's the all-singing,all-dancing
Princess Violetta
Of the operetta*
In an operetta*
Within an operetta*

[The Magnetic Fields, I, 2004]

* [sustitúyanse todas las palabras con asterisco por la palabra vaporeta. y cántese con garbo mientras se empuña la máquina infernal.]

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